About Us

Dental Sciences Australia Pty. Ltd. (DSA) is the holding company for the following:


Endodontic Apps Pty. Ltd., which is equally co-owned by Specialist Endo Pty. Ltd.

To see the details of Specialist Endo Pty. Ltd, please visit https://www.specialistendo.com.au


Endogear Pty. Ltd., where DSA owns 25% of the company. 

To see the details of Endogear Pty. Ltd, please visit https://endogear.com.au


App development for other parties 

One example of an app made by DSA is AAE EndoCase, made for the American Association of Endodontists. To see more information regarding AAE EndoCase, please see



App development for apps made by DSA 

One example of an app made by DSA is Dental Prescriber. To see more information regarding Dental Prescriber.



Consulting and Academic Services by Dr William Nguyen Ha

This includes:

-Academic Lecturing on Endodontics

-App development

-Research assistance


For further information regarding Dr William Ha, visit the link below:




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